Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Class for Kids!!

Please email me to sign up. saramincy @ (no spaces)


June 12 and June 15 (same projects) 1:00-3:00

July 10 and July 20 1:00-3:00

August 14 and 17 (same projects)1:00-3:00

Fall schedule
Sept 18 or 21
Oct 16 or 19
Nov 13 or 16
Dec 11 or 14  

  Art class for your *5-10 year old child at my house (the art house). Taught by me, Sara Mincy! I am a former kindergarten teacher, current homeschool teacher of 6 years to my 3 kids.


Monday afternoons 1:00-3:00

March 22, 2013 ...view photos here.
March 29 ...view photos here

April 5 ...view photos here
April 12 ... view photos here
April 19 ... view photos here 
                                           and here

May 17 ...view photos here
May 24 ...view photos here
June 21 view photos here

June 28 view photos here

July 12 view photos here
July 26 view photos here

Aug 9 + 12 view photos here
Aug 23 + 26 view photos here

Sept 6 + 9 view photos here and here 

Sept 20 + Sept 23 view photos here

Oct 4 + Oct 7 view a few of the projects here
Oct 25 + Oct 28 view photos here

Nov 8 + Nov 11 view photos here
Nov 22 + Nov 25 view photos here

Dec 6 + 9  view photos here

Jan 10 + 13 view photos here  
Jan 24 + Jan 27- view photos here

Feb 7 + Feb 10 - view photos here
Feb 21 + 24- view photos here

March classes- view photos here 

You sign your child up for individual Monday classes. A one time class (unless you sign up for more!)  Each class is $20 per child. Limited space available! Sign up soon! 


Every child needs to be able to express themselves through color and art! At my house they will get that chance. Paint, clay, paper, crayons, markers, pencil, chalk, scissors, the tools of the trade will be explored and learned about. Craft making and sensory play will inspire your child to make things with their hands. They will explore with color and learn what art forms they like best.


A two hour class at my house with other children (3 of my own) which will start with welcome/circle time, followed by book time- a time to inspire by looking at different forms of beautiful art- either by a famous artist or enjoying pictures in a wonderfully illustrated book. Then the children will get a chance to create a masterpiece with my help and direction. They will always have something to take home with them; a completed project as well as many colorful and happy memories.((*usually 3 and 4 projects get completed during the 2 hours)

Please e-mail me for details and questions:
saramincy @

*ages negotiable.